What is Anime Theorist about, you ask? Well, it’s an opportunity for me to combine several of my interests – anime, manga, Japanese linguistics, history, and data mining – all together and to take a deep dive into some of the more obscure facts, trivia, and mysteries surrounding the anime and manga I grew up with.

I first started watching anime in earnest during the mid- to late-1990s, mostly spurred on through my exposure to the English dub of the  Sailor Moon anime when it was airing on television. This led me to try to get my hands on just about any anime I could find at the local video rental stores and any of the comic shops in town that would stock the stuff. Anyone familiar with the anime fandom at that time can probably rattle of the names of the anime I was able to get my hands on: Ranma 1/2, Tenchi MuyoDragon BallDevil Hunter YokoProject A-ko, etc. As my interest in anime grew deeper, I started importing fansubbed video tapes whenever I could, or even raw Japanese episodes when that wasn’t possible.

Fast-forward twenty years and I’m now living in Japan, working as a professional translator, and now have a modicum of time on my hands to actually go take a look back at some of my childhood favorites and try to solve some of the mysteries that I always wondered about. Late last year, I started a blog about unraveling many of the mysteries in Sailor MoonTuxedo Unmasked – but there’s still so much more in other anime that I’d still like to explore.

So that’s what brings us to the creation of Anime Theorist! It’s basically just a place for me to ponder (and try to solve!) the mysteries of anime from the late 80s, 90s, and through the early 2000s. When there’s time, I’d also like to translate some old magazines, too, since I have a penchant for collecting these things.

I can’t promise to know everything about every series out there, but if you do have a question, please do contact me and let me know! If it’s something I think I can answer, I’d be more than happy to look into it.

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